Bring Along A Coleman Queen Airbed On Your Next Camping Trip

Bring Along A Coleman Queen Airbed On Your Next Camping Trip

A Coleman queen airbed made my day (or should I say – my night), when I went on my first camping adventure. While I was packing for my first camping trip and thinking about my plans, I was really beginning to get worried about sleeping on the ground. As of late, my back had been bothering me pretty bad. I had a sleeping bag, but was not sure If would provide enough support for my back. However, I was very busy and had waited to the last minute to pack, leaving myself without any other option.

So, I went on the trip and I was having a great time until I thought about going to sleep for the night. As I finished putting up the tent, a fellow camper noticed I had (in his words) a pretty flimsy sleeping bag. He elaborated by saying that when he went camping, he only used Coleman products. He then said “today is or lucky day, I happen to have an extra Coleman airbed that I picked up for a friend that had to cancel at the last minute.” He always seem to be so prepared, he then took out a battery operated pump and within a few short minutes the airbed was inflated. I had great nights sleep. I slept like a baby and did not even worry about the animals that could attack during the night (lol). In the morning, I decided to put the sleeping bag out to pasture!

I was very surprised as to how comfortable the airbed actually was. It felt better than my regular bed at home. When I got back home, I decided to go to the store and check out the airbeds that were available. It was interesting to see how many different choices that were available. I have family and friends that visit and stay overnight, particularly around the holidays, and could certainly use a few extra beds.

The Coleman queen airbed is available in a variety of styles. I was able to choose from single high or double high styles. Some even offered memory foam and pillow top features. Then, I also had the option of getting an airbed with a built-in pump or buying a separate electric or battery operated pump (ideal for outdoor use). The prices were really affordable and it was very convenient having so many options to choose from.

I made my purchase and brought the airbeds home, relieved to have a bedding option for my visitors that would coming to stay next month. I did have one small concern though that, after I used them for the first time, they would be difficult to fold up and store. Then I discovered that Coleman offers an effortless Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system that makes for hassle-free storage. With this storage system, a Coleman airbed can be easily deflated, folded and roll up to be stored in its carrying case.

This makes it convenient because it is compact enough to not only fit in a smaller space (in a closet or vehicle), but can easily be transported by one person. I don’t have a lot of extra space for storage in my apartment, so I was happy if folded up into a nice compact size.